About Us

Jacques Vannoort

Our principal trust lawyer is Jacques Vannoort (LLM).

Jacques specializes in family trusts and has set up and run trusts in and around Auckland and the Waikato and Bay of Plenty for years. He receives the support of fellow professionals such as accountants, lawyers and investment advisors in doing so.

Ofen he visits clients in their homes, on their farms or in businesses, thus making the consultation more effective without much loss of time for the client.

  • On Wednesdays he sees clients at Conveyancingplus, Lawyers, in Pukekohe.
  • On Thursdays he sees clients at Monteck & Carter, Accountants in Botany, Auckland.
  • On Fridays he sees clients at Top Line Accountants in Te Rapa, Hamilton.
  • On other weekdays Jacques can visit you at your home/office or business/farm if that suits.

Martin Jago

Martin is highly qualified investment advisor with many years of experience with major investment companies in New Zealand.

He has ably assisted Jacques with his clients over many years, ensuring that clients have the best of advice and excellent financial returns. Together they have presented and run many seminars on trusts and trust investments in and around the Auckland area and beyond.

Mary-Jo Littlejohn

Mary-Jo is a qualified lawyer who has a wealth of knowledge in the field of asset protection by means of trust entities and in management, both in New Zealand and overseas. She can be relied on to oversee the preparation of trust documents.


Administration is ably performed by Rene who has assisted Jacques for many years in his work as Trust lawyer.


We were saved by Jacques on a mountain ridge in the Hunuas by Jacques many years ago.

Years later when we started to build up our assets we remembered what he had told us about protecting assets with a trust. We met him again and after setting up our trust he has assisted us for many years until the present days. We are grateful for his support

by Clara and Qin

“Please do not give my children control of my assets as they will waste what I have built up over many years !” by Mrs S.

I followed her instructions over many years ensuring that her trust assets were available for her and acted together with the Guardian Trust in the end. I faced objections of the family and Tribunals, but I prevailed as I believed that old Mrs S. should be protected. Sometimes you can’t walk away when things get tough I believe.

We recommend Jacques and his team for the tremendous support they have given us over many years in the setting up and running our trusts. We know that we are in good hands.

Mr and Mrs Picking of Orewa

” A number of years ago Jacques Vannoort set up our trust and continued to assist us in the running of it over the years until my husband died. He always took the time to explain all and ensured we had the capital protection and gains as well as tax advantages that we sought  and we appreciated that.

Now in old age our trust has taken on a more protective nuance and ensures that the benefits and control that we expected are available too.

I can recommend that Jacques looks after your estate planning with one of his trusts and his Yearbook for running the trust.

Dorothea Mulder  from Remuera and now in Melbourne.