Advantages of using Family Trusts in New Zealand

Advantages of using our services

A Family trust is by far the best way to protect all the members of your family
Advantages of using Family Trusts in New Zealand
  • In business or profession –To prevent loss of assets. Professionals in academic or business, in trade or charitable pursuits all endanger their personal assets.
  • In new relationships or on ending one –To safeguard separate assets. In any new relationship or marriage your accumulated assets may become communal and be partly lost if that relationship or marriage breaks down.
  • Where it concerns your family –To protect assets for your children. Sometimes children who don’t share your ideas about life, assets and your motivations may run down your assets.


  • To allow goals you set to be realised. When those who come after you are influenced by others or debtors then your saved assets may be lost to them and your grandchildren.
  • To protect the incapacitated or weak ones in your family. A child or an elderly relative may be wasteful or not be able to act prudently and unwanted losses occur.
  • To set aside assets in a trust can be beneficial in old age. Those who have illegally divested assets will suffer the loss of state subsidies if those are needed.
  • To create a trust as holding/income entity is tax wise. When you don’t determine which entity is most tax beneficial, when embarking on business or investing, you and your beneficiaries will lose tax advantages.
Reasons for using our services
Hi, I’m JACQUES VANNOORT LLM, trust specialist. I help my clients to protect their valuable assets and I ensure assets are not lost !

Many years of experience in this field of law tell me that the main reason why people choose trusts is to protect their assets. That applies in each case I believe.

When you wish to protect assets by means of a trust you can choose one of the following:

  • We set up all your trust documentation. Our comprehensive trust package is complete and effective to protect you and your family.
  • You can set up most of your own trust documents yourself. It is done in a short time and at a low cost.
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Get your free copy of our FAMILY DOCUMENTS PLAN containing important information. This is our gift to you and does not commit you to using our services.
The Family Documents Plan consists of a number of informative prompts that you need to complete about yourself and your assets. Its aim is to inform your family about your situation when you are no longer able to do so yourself. You keep it in a safe place and tell them about it.
The family plan consists of several informative prompts that you will have to complete with your personal and asset details. It is meant for your family when you are no longer there to tell them. Tell your family about it and keep it in a safe place.