Work with us to secure your Assets

There are many risks to your assets which can cause loss, frustration and heartache.

  • It can apply to your professional practice or business
  • It happens when relationships break down
  • It happens when children need protection

Our firm specializes in Trusts and puts you and your family first. With us by your side you can face a secure future

protection = peace of mind

We offer you secured assets and have the following options:

  1. Our lawyer sets up your trust
  2. You make your own trust documents
  3. We can assist you in how to run your own trust

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Our lawyer sets up your trust and related transfers

1.We are a law office and our Principal lawyer, Jacques Vannoort (LLM), has many years of experience in the field of trusts. His specialisation in the setting up of trusts also extends to the running of trusts. He deals with clients in the Waikato, Auckland and Bay of Plenty areas.

Our first meeting is to get to know your needs and circumstances and we then set up draft documents for your approval.

Our second step, after the basic trust documents are in place, is to sell or gift your assets into the trust.

Working with your bank, if a mortgage is present, we then change ownership of the assets by registration at the Land Registry.

You make your own trust documents

2. When you have some knowledge about the documents you can now make trust documents yourself .

Our automated documentation service has you in charge of the drafting of the those documents, with our help. It is done at a fraction of the time, at your own leisure and with considerable savings.

We can assist you in how you run your own trust

3. Each trustee should run his or her trust as a prudent manager. How a prudent trustee should act is a topic that we specialize in at our legal practice. Use our Trust Yearbook with all the required resolutions and deeds of appointment to show you are prudent. This can be done at a reasonable yearly charge.

You are in control of the running of your trust. You will have confidence that your trust matters are in order, and be secure in the knowledge that you have acted in all matters as a prudent trustee.

You can send us your queries throughout the year and generally we don’t charge for such a simple answering service.

After that you can relax !

About Jacques Vannoort LLM

Jacques has concentrated on trust work for more than 25 years now in the Auckland and Waikato region, and sees his trust clients regularly. They trust him to offer advice on many aspects of their lives and Businesses or Investments, through his team. He explains not only the use of trusts for his clients but also the process of transfer of assets. He does not leave his clients to struggle on their own when the job is finished. He can always be reached for advice.

Jacques can often be found on his vineyard in the Waikato where he produces a humble wine. He firmly believes that a good wine can only be made when the vineyard is well maintained regularly.

He applies the same to the Family Trusts of his clients.

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