We set up your trust documents to secure your Assets

There are many risks to your assets which can cause loss and frustration :

  • In your professional practice or business
  • When relationships break down
  • If children need financial assistance
  • When there is a business downturn or risky venture
  • As those for whom you care need protection
  • Providing for special projects/charities you choose
  • Choosing the right tax vehicle to run your business

We specialize in Trusts. We put you and your family/loved ones first. With us by your side you can face a secure future and have peace of mind.

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Our lawyer sets up your trust and related transfers

We are a law office and our Principal lawyer, Jacques Vannoort (LLM), has many years of experience in the field of trusts. His specialisation in the setting up of trusts also extends to the running of trusts. He deals with clients in the Waikato, Auckland and Bay of Plenty areas.

  1. Our first step is to get to know your needs and circumstances and we then set up draft documents for your approval. Foremost for us in a trust is your control and protection of the trust assets and the flexibility of the trust.

2. Our second step, after the basic trust documents are in place, is to sell or gift your assets into the trust. Gifting of those assets/resulting debts, fully or partly, is done to allow you more control over the trust assets.

3. Next, and co-ordinating with your bank if a mortgage is present, we change ownership of the assets by means of title update at the Land Registry.

4. Finally all certified documents are presented to you in your personal trust suitcase. This also contains our video on how to run your trust and also your personal recorded wishes for the trust. Everything is saved on external drive and emailed to you. You will then have all the signed and certified original documents in hard copy and on file. We will also retain them and documents can therefore never get lost or be misplaced.

5. The Costs for setting up a Family Trust with us will be approximately $4,000.00 and the documents to be prepared are set out below:

The Deed of trust : $ 680.00

Memorandum of Guidance presented in a document/video suitcase : $ 380.00

The Last Will : $ 380.00

The Living Will : $ 140.00

Donation of Organs/Tissue Declaration : $ 160.00

Sale Agreement : $ 280.00

Deed of Acknowledgement of Debt : $ 280.00

Deed of Gift/Forgiveness of Debt : $ 280.00

Declaration of Solvency : $ 160.00

Resolution setting up trust : $ 160.00

Resolution to run trust : $ 160.00

Transfer costs of land with bank mortgage at Land Registry : $ 880.00

Transfer of land without mortgage at Land registry : $ 680.00

Enduring Powers of attorney for personal/property matters : $ 680.00

Take action now :

  • to contact us with your queries or information
  • to await our documents for perusal and signing
  • to register the trust with IRD and Bank/Land Registry transfer
  • to conclude all with resolutions/declarations
  • to receive your certified documents and video in trust suitcase

Then you can relax with peace of mind and know that your affairs are in order.

Relax with peace of mind that all your affairs are in order
Relax with the peace of mind that all your affairs are in order !

Jacques Vannoort LLM – Barrister & Solicitor

running a family trust can be simple !

Jacques has specialized in trust work for more than 25 years now in the Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. He sees his trust clients regularly. They trust him to offer advice on many aspects of their trusts for their Businesses and Investments, through his team. He explains not only the use of trusts for his clients but also the process of transfer of assets, and how their trusts should be run as prudent trustees. He does not leave his clients to struggle on their own when the job is finished. You can always reach him for advice.

Jacques Vannoort – skills as winemaker

Jacques can often be found on his vineyard where he produces a humble wine. He firmly believes that a good wine can only be made when the winemaking process is well maintained and done regularly. Only after weeding, pruning, leafplucking, netting, timely picking of the grapes, strict hygienic fermentation, and appropriate bottling can a prudent winemaker be satisfied.

He applies the same principles to the setting up and the running of the Family Trusts set up for his clients.

Call Jacques now for a chat on 021 830308 or email him at sanctuarytrustlaw@gmail.com